Respond by July 2020


March 23-29 is Black Census Week. We have a responsibility to make sure that black communities receive resources they need. Find our more information on how the Census impacts our communities. Fill out your census to ensure that you will Be Counted.

April 1, 2020 is Census Day. Participating in the census is vital as it determines resources for your community that include:

  • federal funding,

  • congressional representation

  • funding for new schools, hospitals, roads and more.

The Census can be completed online, through the mail, or by phone, making it convenient for every citizen to participate.

Request a Free Mapping License

We are partnering with the ESRI organization to distribute 1,350 free ARC GIS mapping licenses to organizations working to establish a central hub for the Census mapping project.

2020 Census Toolkit

2020 Census Lawsuit

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) together with Prince George’s County, Maryland, the NAACP Prince George’s County Branch and two county residents, sued the federal government to combat the imminent threat that the 2020 Census will substantially undercount African Americans and other people of color in communities throughout the United States causing inequalities in political representation and deficiencies in federal funding of those communities.